About Your Pest Service

Thank you for choosing PESTKILL Australia to carry out a pest control treatment at your property. The control agents we will be using for the pest control in and around your home belong to the synthetic pyrethroid group, characteristics of which are:

High potency to a broad range of insects, Very low toxicity to warm blooded animals (humans) or birds, Not harmful to plants, Are non-staining, Have little, if any, smell, Not harmful in the environment since they are broken down by soil micro-organisms.

To assist us in achieving a safe and satisfactory result for you we ask that you give consideration to the notes below, designed to safeguard everyone involved and to make the “PestKill Service Experience” a seamless, safe and effective one.


Important Note 1: If any occupant of the premises is pregnant, receiving treatment for cancer, is asthmatic or old and frail (low immune system responses) please discuss the proposed treatment with your physician prior to our appointment.

Important Note 2: If you intend to carry out any painting, minor repairs or carpet/floor cleaning please ensure these are completed prior to arranging for a pest control treatment.

Important Note 3: Window cleaning should be left until two to three weeks following treatment, to allow remaining spiders and cockroaches to get maximum exposure to chemicals applied.

  • Prior to our service technician’s arrival, we request the following preparations be made:
  • Secure all food items in containers or fridge
  • Do not have washing on the clothes line
  • Close all external windows and doors, turn air-conditioning system off or to recirculate only
  • Tidy up all items from floor to allow for maximum access to treat skirting-boards/carpet edges
  • Remove any animals or birds from the the areas to be treated and cover their food & water
  • Cover any fish ponds and fish tanks and then alert the technician upon his arrival
  • Have curtains and blinds in the open position
  • Have all vehicles out of the garage and driveways prior to the technician’s arrival so he can get his vehicle into the drive without blocking any of your vehicles, and so gain maximum access to treat
  • Advise your neighbors of the day and time of treatment, as a courtesy


  • Wipe over food preparation bench tops, just as a precaution
  • Do not wash or vacuum against skirting boards for at least two weeks after the treatment
  • Do not wash windows for at least two weeks after the treatment
  • Do not sweep away webs for at least two weeks since some species of spiders ingest their webs and it therefore helps to achieve a more effective result
  • Ensure automatic watering systems are turned off for 24 hours and do not hand water heavily for at least 24 hours after the treatment
  • Some types of pest control treatments will necessitate that the building is vacated for 3-4 hours from the starting time. Please ask our staff whether this is required in your case.

Additional Notes
Finally, we stress that our company provides a pest CONTROL Service.

We do not attempt to suggest that a Pest Control Treatment will rid your premises of all pests for all time. Any attempt to achieve this would put your family’s health at risk.

It is our policy to provide a Pest Control Service which ensures the safety of your FAMILY, PETS and the ENVIRONMENT whilst achieving a satisfactory level of pest control.

We trust this information is sufficient for your needs. If further information or advice is required, please contact us.


Thank you for using PESTKILL Australia. PESTKILL Australia would like to provide you with the following information so that you may better understand the treatment we have carried out for you today.


  • Keep all pets and people off treated surfaces until the area is completely dry, rinse pet bowls before replenishing.


  • Do not touch any of the chemical that has been applied.
  • You should not need to clean any areas after the treatment.
  • Leave webs for two to three weeks, do not clean windows for two weeks.
  • Do not remove cobwebs from external areas for 2 – 3 weeks following the treatment. This will allow any remaining spiders to contact treated webs and surfaces.

Please Note: If treated surfaces are cleaned and webs are cleared away prematurely then contact between your pests and the treated surfaces will be reduced, therefore dramatically reducing the effectiveness of the entire service, voiding your FREE SERVICE PERIOD.


  • Over the next few days to a week you may see more pests than before the treatment. This may occur because our treatment has “hit the spot” and the pests have been flushed out from their usual places of harbourage.
  • This actually means that the pests have come in contact with the treatment and that they will soon die.
  • You may also continue to see dead pests for a while following treatment. This is actually a great sign, and indicates that the treatment is still working and controlling your pests.
  • Your treatment is designed to eventually breakdown over time and it will need to be reapplied in order to maintain a pest free property for you.


  • Details and conditions relating to your Free Service Period are provided on your Service Report / Tax Invoice.
  • Your Free Service Period only applies to the “pests treated” in the “areas treated” as noted on your Service Report / Tax Invoice.
  • The treatment may take up to 5 weeks to achieve full control. If you feel you have a problem after this time please contact Promaster Pest Control.
  • Ants are not specifically treated and no Free Service Period is offered unless specifically stated on your Service Report.

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