Bird Mite
Body length: 0.1 mm to 1.0 mm
Scabies Mite
favour humans as hosts
Dust Mite
too small to see


(starling mite & poultry red mite) are parasites living on birds and in nesting materials. When birds or nests are removed from roof cavities the mites leave the nesting material looking for another host. Usually numbering thousands they can literally descend without warning and begin irritating the occupants of the building.

Best practice when proofing and removing birds from buildings is to remove all accessible nesting materials and then to treat the areas with a mild pesticidal powder.


Scabies Mites are parasitic mites that favour humans as hosts. Scabies mites tunnel under the skin causing intense itching. Scabies is essentially a medical problem,  as our reaction to the bites must be treated. Scabies is not a pest control problem. Hygiene and the use of medical creams will resolve the situation. If you believe you have a scabies mite problem we recommend that you see your doctor as soon as practical.


Dust Mites are a creature that most of us live with, without any noticeable reactions. A regime of regular hot-washing of bed linen, air purification, the use of mattress protectors, anti-allergy medications and dust removal is best to lower your dust mite populations. Pest controllers are not called upon to treat dust mites, changing the environmental conditions being most effective in the long-term.

A link between asthma and dust mites appears to be proven and PESTKILL Australia recommends that you discuss with your doctor possible measures that may minimise any serious reactions to your population of dust mites.


Grass Itch Mites occur in and around the Sydney area through summer months. It attaches itself to the skin of its host and the bites become inflamed often itching for days.


have their origin in food and so may be introduced into our homes and pantries. Finding their source and removing it is best.


Bees cannot be totally excluded from your property as they will always be attracted to flowering plants and water sources. Restricting plant species may be of some value but in the end there is very little prospect of complete control in the outdoors. Hives can be easily destroyed by professional pest controllers with the use of pesticides approved for that purpose.
Please consider carefully before attempting your own pest control. Remember……