White-footed ant
(2.5-3 mm)
Argentine ant
(2.5-3 mm)
Odorous ant
(3-4 mm)
Bulldog ant
(18-20 mm)
Pharoah Ant
(1.5-2 mm)
Carpenter ant
(7-12 mm)
Winged Carpenter ant
(7-12 mm)
Native Fire Ant
(1.5-2 mm)
Coastal Brown Ant
(1.5-2 mm)


Ants are considered to be “nuisance pests” mostly, causing unsightly mounds from their excavations, even undermining pavers and landscaping materials. Occasionally ants may be encountered in annoying numbers inside homes, either wandering about apparently lost, or attracted to food scraps or a water source.

Ants may present a health risk in some circumstances, carrying disease organisms either on their bodies or in their digestive tract. Possible diseases include Smallpox and Salmonella.

Many species of ants may be inclined to bite or sting if threatened or disturbed, notably Fire ants (native and now introduced), and the “Bull” ant.


Effective control levels may be achieved with careful investigation followed by the use of baits, insecticides and if practical the changing of environmental conditions that have attracted these ants.

If there is to be any chance of successful control both a complete understanding of the habits (biology) of ants together with a thorough survey and inspection of the areas of infestation are necessary. Location of the nest followed by direct treatment is the ideal result, however in the majority of situations the nest cannot be located. Remote treatment is often the only option; that is treating the ants where they can be found tracking, with a view to the worker ants carrying the control product back to their colony to be shared around.


There are dozens of species of ants that occur commonly around the home and garden here in Australia, too many to describe here. If you are keen to learn more then do some research, however PESTKILL Australia recommends that you engage an experienced pest controller who will identify and treat them appropriately for you.

The small black White-footed house ant, the Odorous ant and the Coastal brown ant are generally the most troublesome culprits in and around your home.

There are a number of larger ants that can be a problem around your home, notably Jumper ants and Bulldog ants. Both these large species inflict very painful “stings”.

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