The PESTKILL Australia Approach
with Our Products You Can Breath Easy!

Freedom from nuisance and dangerous pests, plus the highest levels of safety; that’s why you and your family always breathe easy when you use a professional PESTKILL Australia pest control expert. Where and when possible PESTKILL Australia uses Synthetic Pyrethroids which are all modelled after a natural insecticide compound called pyrethrum found in the extract of an African plant, the Pyrethrum Daisy.

Below we list for your reference the active ingredients of the main products we use when carrying out your general pest treatments.


Bifenthrin belongs to a class of insecticides referred to as Synthetic Pyrethroids. Applied to the exterior areas of your house and property bifenthrin is highly active against spiders, fleas, ants, and cockroaches and many other insects.

Bifenthrin is a revved up, synthetic version of pyrethrum that has some qualities that the natural pyrethrum itself lacks. Bifenthrin is the only synthetic pyrethroid that’s equally effective at low application rates against both spiders and insects.

Low application rates are better for you and the environment around you. The preparation has a strong residual action which keeps working to keep pests away, long after being applied.

Areas Applied / Pests Targeted: External surfaces, cracks and crevices: including house, garage, fences and paths, landscaping, bins etc..

Spiders, cockroaches, termites, fleas, paper-nest wasps, flies, ticks (excluding the paralysis tick Ixodes holocyclus)


Betacyfluthrin – is a second generation Synthetic Pyrethroid ideal for inside use, offering fast insect knock-down and flushing characteristics. Formulated with almost no smell. Betacyfluthrin is mixed with water in minute quantities.

Your PESTKILL Australia technician will then carefully install it to selected surfaces, cracks and crevices to the inside of your home.

The preparation has a strong residual action which keeps working to keep pests away, long after being applied.

Areas Applied / Pests Targeted: Internal surfaces, cracks and crevices: including skirtings and carpet edges, selected cracks and crevices, as necessary.

Silverfish, crickets, carpet beetles, clothes moths, bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, stored product pests, fleas, flies, mosquitoes, millipedes, Paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus), caterpillars.


Permethrin – a unique formulation of fine dust / powder that will flow freely into targetted cracks, crevices and accessible voids and cavities when applied with an electric blower or hand-bulb duster.

Perfect for roof cavities and sub-floor spaces, permethrin dust (another synthetic pyrethroid) is highly effective and yet so low toxic that it is actually exempt from poison scheduling.

Areas Applied / Pests Targeted: Accessible voids and cavities, cracks and crevices: including roof void, sub-floor void. Also ideal for careful treatment of electric equipment such as kitchen motors in refridgerators and microwaves.

Cockroaches, spiders, ants, carpet beetles, silverfish, fleas, bedbugs, bird-mites, potato moth, hide beetles, european wasps, feral honey bees.


Cockroach and Ant Gels – (Fipronil, Indoxacarb, Thiamethoxam, Hydramethylnon) – All these insect specific bait products are of extremely low toxicity to mammals.Practically non-toxic to mammals (humans) these products are extremely effective in killing all varieties of cockroaches, most species of ants as well as breaking the German cockroach breeding cycle.

Areas Applied / Pests Targeted: Installed in minute quantities to cockroach and ant activity.

Cockroaches – Installed in minute quantities to your kitchen areas specifically for the control of cockroaches including the german cockroach.

Ants: Installed in minute quantities to ant activity, either where they are trailing or adjacent to entry points or foraging areas.