Carpet Beetle Larva


Carpet beetles may feed on a wide variety of materials of natural origin such as wool, clothes, stored food products including meat seeds and grains, cereals, linen, hair and fur, carpets, rugs, silk, and old rodent bait.

Infestations may go unchecked for some time as it is the larval stage that does the damage and this damage tends to be done in the quieter darker less disturbed (less noticable) areas. The sudden appearance of flying or crawling adult carpet beetles may be the first noticed sign of infestation.

Sightings of bristly cast skins, deposits of sand-like droppings and obviously damaged personal items or other natural materials will confirm their presence and activity.

Carpet Beetle Larva


As with most pest infestations a thorough inspection is the first step to controlling any carpet beetle infestation. Treatment of only the obviously infested areas may leave pockets of activity which will re-infest the premises. The original source of the problem may have beenfor example a rat carcass in the roof or maybe some stored goods at the back of a cupboard rarely opened…

Housekeeping and hygiene play an important part in the prevention of infestations fabric pests. Regular vacuuming of carpets, floors and soft furnishings to remove hair, dust, skin particles, food crumbs and pet fur will go a long way in preventing any fabric pest gaining a hold.

Goods to be stored for extended periods are best cleaned and packed/sealed in plastic bags. Cut flowers should be inspected for small beetles before being brought into the premises.

Your PESTKILL Australia technician has a number of approved insecticides to assist you in gaining control of this despised household pest and will work with you to solve the problem. PESTKILL Australia recommends that you engage a professional pest controller who has had experience with carpet beetles. Do-it-yourself efforts are likely not to succeed.

Please consider carefully before attempting your own pest control. Remember……