What Kind Of Cockroach Is Invading Your Home?

Cockroaches are dirty and yucky insects that can bring diseases and trigger allergic reactions in your home, but not all cockroaches pose a threat to your family. Of the 4,600 known species of cockroach, there are only a handful that are a nuisance to humans. Three of these could be invading your home. Here’s how these pests look like:

German Cockroach
The German cockroach is a small species of cockroach measuring 1.2  to 1.5 centimeters in length. Its color varies from tan to almost black.

Among the most distinguishing features of this species are the two dark, parallel streaks on the pronotum, the region of the insect’s body running behind the head. The species has wings but it can barely fly and may just glide when disturbed.

German cockroaches breed very quickly. It only takes one female invading your home to set off an infestation. Unlike other types of cockroach, the adult female carries her eggs with her until these are ready to hatch. The egg cases of the German cockroach can each hatch up to 40 baby roaches.The population of German cockroaches can explode easily if you fail to treat an infestation immediately.

American Cockroach
Measuring 2.8 to 4.3 centimeters long, the American cockroach is among the largest of the common cockroaches. This species has a brown to reddish brown color, and a yellowish margin on the pronotum. Young American cockroaches look like adults but they do not have wings.

This species can move quickly. It can dart off pretty fast when threatened. Despite its large size, it can fit itself into small cracks and under doors.

American cockroaches prefer the outdoors but they can be found in damp areas of your home such as the kitchen, basement, laundry room and bathroom.

This species live much longer than other species of cockroach. American cockroaches can live for up to two years.

Oriental Cockroach
The Oriental cockroach is also a big species of cockroach measuring between 2.5 to 3 centimeters in length. They are usually dark brown or brown in color.

While it has visible wings, this species is not capable of flying. Oriental cockroaches also travel slower than other species. You also seldom find them inside your home. When they do, they can be found in sink drains and other damp areas. The Oriental cockroach is also known as waterbug because it prefers dark and moist places.

Have you spotted any of these cockroach species in your home? Here’s one reason to act immediately if you see these bugs crawling in your house: Roaches are among the most resilient creatures on this planet. They can thrive without food for a month and withstand temperature as cold as 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Some can even live without their head.

This means that a cockroach infestation can be particularly difficult to treat. An infestation requires more than just buying a bug spray. It calls for an expert like us who are familiar with the behavior and habitat of these pests. We have been helping make homes and businesses pest-free for more than 20 years. Contact us now and find out which of our pest control packages best suit your needs.

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